Innovate and Invent

Innovation and invention are both a result and integral parts of the creative process. It can happen when you are drawing, cooking, showering, driving your car or skateboarding. For a lot of people, skateboarding is just an extreme sport or a thing for kids to do, but it´s much more than that. Skateboarding is a constant challenge and innovation and changes in techniques are necessary to overcome small problems; learning and conquering one thing leads to learning another new, more difficult thing - does this sound familiar?

Take 23 minutes out of your schedule to watch this video of Rodney Mullen aka the guy who invented the kickflip. Even if you have no interest in skateboarding, you can apply his ideas to your own practice, no matter what it is. As my final post for the year of 2012, I hope this inspires you to make a tiny change to your practice that will bring about innovation.


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