Get a Job That You Won´t Hate

A tight job market doesn´t mean that you have to take any job on offer. In fact, this is the worst thing you can do. You will hate your job, be unhappy and demonstrate poor performance, meaning that you won´t get a good reference from your employer when you inevitably leave. Companies also suffer by employing cheap and desperate people for these same reasons. Passionate people in the right jobs is what keeps the workforce running properly. High staff turnover is evident when financial crises hit and it´s bad for business, bad for the economy and most importantly, bad for people.

So, the question is, “how do I get the right job for me?” A little bit of self knowledge is very helpful. Dedicate some time to writing down some ideas about the following questions. Just let your ideas flow, you don´t have to make complete sentences or even make sense, this is just a brainstorm for you to see.
Know yourself 
  • What you like/dislike? Be honest, this list is just for you.
  • What can you do?
  • What are your transferable skills?
  • Write down some examples of your successes. eg. “I implemented social networking strategies and  significantly improved our website by growing our audience from 100 to 250 views per day”. “Or I successfully defrosted the freezer”. No matter how big or small, think about challenges you have overcome. Stepping up to challenges is very important and a highly desired skill in the workplace. It shows that you are motivated and willing to take a risk.
  • Know the company.
  • When you find a job you like – research the company (look at their website). If you don´t have a specific job advertisement, allow yourself to fantasise about your ideal workplace. Research that. Then create a job opportunity for yourself. Write them a letter, telling them the things you like about their company and what you have to offer them.

All of your brainstormed ideas can be easily translated into “job-speak”  for your new  and improved resume and cover letter. For example "I like hanging out with my friends and getting drunk" becomes "I am a friendly, outgoing person with highly developed social skills." "I spend all day on Facebook" becomes..."I have all the skills necessary to become a Social Media Manager"!

Case study - Social Media Manager
(PR, Marketing, Writing, Knowing Trends)

Social Media manager - 6 month to perm - £28-32k pro rata - London

Your Profile
As a Social Media Executive you will have a strong web background specifically within Social Networking and Social Media. It is essential that you have experience of developing social media strategies, and demonstrate a passion for channels including Twitter, Blogging and facebook. The ideal candidate will know their way around a social CRM system and should be a great writer and editor.

The Role
This is an exciting role for 6 months (with a view to going perm) for a Social Media Manager to join a well established web team. Bringing in your own knowledge and flair within Social Media and Networking. Working alongside the other members of the digital team and the marketing and communications functions, you will specifically looking to improve and update the site's interactivity, including the relationship and strategy involved for Social Networking sites. You will be giving advice to others in the organisation about how to develop their own understanding of social media and looking to widen the companies' 'social sphere'. You will also get involved in the analytical side of social media, so that you can best understand and decide the effects of your work.

The Company
This is an exciting opportunity to join a well established youth organisation. If you think you have the above please do not hesitate to send your CV to John Smith following the instructions on this page or call 2222 222.

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

  • What kind of job is this (full time, part time etc)?
  • What is the employer looking for? (highlight key words) How can you demonstrate these skills?
  • Research the job. Look for other similar job ads and see what they are looking for.
  • What can you offer them? (Specific skills or transferable skills examples)
  • Are there any words you don´t understand and need to further research?
  • What do you know about this company? (Research, demonstrate). Even though the company name is not mentioned, you know it is a youth organisation. What kind of person would be expected to work there and what transferable or concrete skills can you offer?

By completing this exercise you will be well on your way to getting a job that you love and will be happy getting up everyday to attend. Because it´s everyday and you have to attend, remember that – do what will make you happiest.


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