Painted Guitar Pedal #3

I just finished painting a new guitar pedal! I know that a lot of my readers want to know about it, because when I painted my first one, it was my most popular post ever! You can read that post here and learn the steps to paint a guitar pedal, or any metal surface.

This pedal is a Rat clone and so I called it a Big Mouse and it has a picture of a rat with gold teeth and he is thinking about making rain because he is angry, then it starts raining leaves. It's sort of Kawaii influenced, but I think my next one will be very Kawaii with a lot of different pinks and reds and glitter and metallic paints. Going to try to get some pink or clear glitter knobs and a pink led light. And a pink lead. Wheee!

This time I used metallic bronze paint which was more difficult to use than solid colours, so if you are going to use metallics practice the application first. I found that doing a couple of coats actually made the paint come off, so I recommend letting it dry before doing a re-coat. I also ran into a bit of trouble because the hot pink was really thick so I had to thin it out with turps. It kind of had the texture of bubble gum and was hard to work with. I would have bought more but I got this super-rare colour in Portugal so it was too far to travel. Anyway... it worked out ok in the end. For the tiny details I used a sable brush number 00. I personally think that acrylic brushes are the best - a Windsor and Newton Cotman works well and is inexpensive. Don't use really cheap brushes - the hair comes out and gets stuck in the paints and is a total nightmare to deal with. More pedals soon!


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