Liberate Plants

Plants. They die. They thrive. They are experiments with minds of their own. Sometimes they are costly experiments, but they don't have to be. You can be a part of the Succulent Liberation Front - a well established group of people who like to combine a good old fashioned walk with ninja-like skills in petty theft by snapping off succulents and sticking them in soil or water when they get back home. 

Succulents are abundant in most areas around my place, maybe yours too. They grow from cuttings and they spread like wildfire. Share the love. Snap off a succulent today. 
ps. please visit this excellent website for great tips on how to grow succulents from cuttings.


  1. i agree! here's my latest travails on succulent ninjaism:
    the succulent globe:
    real life: vs doring:


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